What a good week, my playlist…

I say a good week, it’s been a very good, interesting week. Let’s point out some of the good things. Tuesday night I got a random text off Kristy asking if I wanted to go to the cinema, ending up seeing one of the crappest yet scariest movie I have ever seen; Wednesday involved a late night drink with Kristy and Holly ending up in a late night drive to Tesco 24; Thursday involved a very long walk but getting some well needed cash because of it, and today I travelled all the way up to Stoke for a 5 minute interview but I see that as a long term investment. During this past week I have been doing pass-plus to knock £500 off my car insurance so I can get the car Sunday 🙂 It’s not the best car in the world but it’s mine. It may not sound interesting to a lot of people – but I’ve liked it.

An insignificant thing that has also made me smile this week is the movie Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist. It’s basically about a guy in a band who’s having a hard time getting over his ex-girlfriend. He meets a girl called Norah and in one night his life changes forever. OK – it’s a crap teenage romantic comedy but it made me smile at the end – and I’d love a night like Nick’s to happen…Who knows?!