The next chapter

I have recently been inspired (an off hand comment from Sophie Briggs and Eleanor buying a leather bound journal) to start up this blog diary again. So here it is, a new theme, and something to write about!

Because my last post was November 2010 I have decided to break up everything I want to write about into categories, three huge sections of my life…


My time at KUBE has officially come to an end. As of May 31st at 12:00p.m the powers of Programme Controller was stripped from me to Eleanor who I’m sure will be much more of an organised Programme Controller than myself! The end came with a massive high, with the 24 Hour Charity Broadcast team in which I helped to produce, raised over £1000 for the Donna Louise Trust, with a mad rush in the last hour to achieve our target. I’m also proud to say that it was the first 24 Hour Broadcast in which I managed to survive the full 24 hours! (1st year fainting, 2nd year…collapsing from exhaustion). Highlights included returning stolen property, KRAP raising £40 in 5 minutes with the promise of cake, Chris Everett shouting off the balcony at 4am, selling a flash of Sophie Briggs’ boobs and a date, accidentally turning off the desk during a feature (breaking and fixing KUBE within 10 seconds is a personal best for me) and the mad dash to get to the target within the last hour!

For those who know me well I started off in KUBE in a difficult period of my life: Holly Beaumont-Wilkes mentioned to me recently that the first time she saw me was when I was running for my first committee position “looking nervous and petrified with terrible hair”. Being elected to the committee gave me a sense of purpose in Keele which I felt I was lacking, and within KUBE over my time in Keele it opened up the many friendships which I now treasure. It’s because of this, and how great I believe KUBE is and still could be, that I wanted to give it everything I could to make it better.

Looking back then I am extremely happy of what I’ve achieved over the last three years, none of which I wish to boast about here but none of it could have been achieved without a massive team effort of unique individuals, Holly Beaumont-Wilkes, Vinesh Patel, Peter Brooks, Paul ‘Sherman’ Rose and Georgie Hammerton (who inspired me more in my first year than any lecturer could). I was also honoured that my personal and collective achievements was recognised at the KUSU Awards 2011 with myself and Holly winning Society Lifetime Contribution, and the committee as a whole winning Society Committee of the Year!

It is with no surprise then, that leaving KUBE will be the most difficult thing I will do, but I feel happy in the knowledge that I am leaving it in very safe hands in which I will be leaving a giant KUBE guide (still being written) and that I am always there if it needs any help in the future.


Leaving KUBE, obviously means leaving Keele. It has been an amazing three years and I’ve met truly amazing people. Just looking at the photo above proves just that. Shockingly whilst at Keele, I actually did a degree in International Relations and Politics. The reason why I chose this course was due to my interest in Politics, and the fact that it was the best A-level grade I got. Unsurprisingly with KUBE my new passion is Radio and I hope that I can make some headway into this industry after I get my numbers from Keele. I obviously hope that I can get a 2:1, but after one exam into Political Parties I fear that the most I can achieve is a 2:2… It may be unsurprising to some that this was not my favourite module within the three years, driving me to a near mental breakdown on multiple occasions but oh well, I never have to care about political parties from the Netherlands again!

Leaving Keele means a whole new chapter in my life, being thrust into a new and exciting new world, but I will also be sad to say goodbye to so many people, in which the goodbyes have already started. I have recently said goodbye to Neb who has started off on his new ‘appventure’ (bad pun) in which our many lunches will always be a fond memory, and Becky Wardell – my previous boss who I more considered a friend rather than someone I worked for. I will be sad to say goodbye to everyone in the Union, the University Press Office, and all the friends I have made in the last three years, in which there are too many to mention here.

So what next? Well that depends on the numbers in five days….*gulps*


Just a short one to finish off! (If you’ve read this far I applaud you). This week in particular has been a rather unique one. I have eaten out at Miso, Buffet Island, the White Swan, the Harvester, Mortons, Yo Sushi, the Diner, and my Grandads (the concept of cooking for myself is now out the window), spent time with Kristy, Rob & Isla, celebrated my Mum’s birthday, and celebrated Eleanor’s 20th Birthday (all be it 10 months late!) in London and seeing the Wizard of Oz musical! Eleanor managed to meet Danielle Hope after the production…

and I was mock punched in the face by Isla…

A successful week by any standards!

Till next time!