If I have learnt anything over the last 5 years is that times change, quickly in some cases, and the lesson I have to take from this is it is impossible to live in the past, live in a constant motion. Life changes too quickly. One sentence, just two words can change an entire life time, can change entire plans that you can have in your head.

Sometimes it is hard to deal with change, and sometimes it is amazing. Sometimes it is for the best, sometimes it is for the worst. I guess what I am trying to say is, you always have to constantly live in the moment, because it will just fly right by.

Many many things have changed in my life, especially in the last five years. On reflection, during the transition of any change, most of the time I initially hate it, change traditionally terrifies me at first instance, making me cling to the norm. But it is important to realise that change Continue reading


Here we go…

So, it’s been one day and I’m already missing Keele.
It terrifies me slightly that I have built up my life around one place, and I’m now 2/3 of the way through my course.
I think that’s why I am already planning either a Post-Grad or Teaching course.
Apart from that life is good, I have my health, family, friends and wonderful girlfriend…all I need is some bloody money!

The last week of Keele was extremely enjoyable, and also bloody knackering! I almost did Continue reading