The End of an Era…but not my own

Last week I was in Keele working for KUSU Marketing during the graduation week for the latest batch of Keelites who are leaving the bubble. Among these lovely people is a dear friend and predecessor to Programme Controller, Amanda Kearney and Tim Palmer.

Working for graduation, and watching all the ceremonies, made me realise that I am at Keele for a serious purpose. It’s not just my own little world away from Wythall, where I have practically built up my entire life. One day it will end, and I will have to work to leave with something. The year I am going into now will be the final year of my undergraduate degree. Where did the time go?

Last week my beautiful girlfriend Eleanor came up to visit. I tried to give heran entertaining week including Sushi, Stratford, Sea-life centre (there seems to be an S theme going here) introduced her to Sophie in Solihull (continuing the S theme) and generally just hanging out. It was perfect and i didn’t want her to leave. But again, where did the time go? The week seemed to fly by, and hopefully next week I’ll get a little bit of time off to go down and see her (fingers crossed).

In other news, I am working non-stop desperately awaiting pay day, all going well I will be out of my financial woe by the end of July 🙂



If I have learnt anything over the last 5 years is that times change, quickly in some cases, and the lesson I have to take from this is it is impossible to live in the past, live in a constant motion. Life changes too quickly. One sentence, just two words can change an entire life time, can change entire plans that you can have in your head.

Sometimes it is hard to deal with change, and sometimes it is amazing. Sometimes it is for the best, sometimes it is for the worst. I guess what I am trying to say is, you always have to constantly live in the moment, because it will just fly right by.

Many many things have changed in my life, especially in the last five years. On reflection, during the transition of any change, most of the time I initially hate it, change traditionally terrifies me at first instance, making me cling to the norm. But it is important to realise that change Continue reading

What a Difference a Year Makes

As we are nearing the end of 2009 and as I feel like I have been neglecting this blog for a fair while, I thought I’d write down what’s been happening since the end of the Best Summer of my life.

Arriving in Keele not having the faintest idea what the semester would have in stall I aimed to go to every single lecture, tutorial….safe to say that failed. Things started off well meeting lots of new people, mainly due to my Bar job which after a long decision I decided to quit so I could get my social life back; which made a hasty disappearance after Freshers due to having two jobs. A good example why I quit bars would be Halloween, Continue reading