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Two Paths

As I have neglected my blog for quite a while now, and as I am desperately avoiding doing any essay work, AND because I have a cold and am slightly bored, I thought I would write a new post.

The last time I wrote on this blog was during Graduation week 2010. And it’s safe to say a fair few things have changed since then.
One of the most important things to me still is KUBE Radio. The studio has now been completely refurbished including a £3000 desk, new microphone stands,  new chairs, new headphones. Paul Rose and his friends worked very hard getting it all together and I commend them for it. The cherry on top was definitely having Zane Lowe officially opening the studio with a ribbon cutting. Made the approximate 8 hours of cleaning with Holly and Eleanor completely worth it.

As Programme Controller my job is to train the shows in how to use the studio, making the schedule and making shows turn up. What I did not envisage however is taking on additional roles due to the lack of committee members, secretary, tiny bit of production, marketing and Web-master. I do sometimes feel that KUBE consumes my life maybe too much. Thank god I have a very patient girlfriend. I guess it keeps me busy, and I will always look back on it with fond memories. Even though when my time at Keele comes to an end I will probably cry…more on Keele later. In the next two weeks KUBE will be having a bi-election, to try and fill the vacant positions. We need to fill these, not just to lessen the work load on myself, but also to make sure there are committee members next year, as a lot of the current committee are third years and will be leaving soon. More to follow.

As the title of this blog entry is “Two Paths” I will explain what I mean. I am in my third year at Keele meaning that, in just a few months, I will be at the end of my undergraduate course. What to do next? After meeting with a careers guidance man, based on my current issues, he suggested a Broadcast Journalism course, OR a Politics Post-graduate degree. There are two different types of students, one who goes to university for a desire to learn, the other who needs something to do for three years. I have realised I am the latter. So maybe the Broadcast Journalism? Maybe one day I will work in radio, either as a producer or working more behind the scenes…who knows.

With regards to the other aspects of my life, everything is going ok, a few weird things are happening, and I don’t know why. But we’ll see!


2 responses to “Two Paths

  1. Mate, I remember all of this so well, you could be describing my third year, you really could. KUBE was always a wicked mistress but really was one of the true loves of my life, I think that’s what makes it so excruciating sometimes — you want to resent it for the time and effort it consumes (not to mention the damage to your degree) but then it gives you so much joy while you’re doing it. KUBE really is something special, truly unique and I miss it so much it seems bazar.

    You and I always have had a lot in common and the fact that you went to university to kill three years really cements that in my mind. I didn’t go there with a desire to learn; you’ll know that I already think I know the answer to everything anyway lol. I do think though that my three years at Keele helped me to become the man I am; helped me to be—me. And really, isn’t that what University is really meant to be about anyway?

    You’re an amazing bloke and a real friend, I’m always here for you if you want to chat and absolutely love you to bits! xx

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