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The End of an Era…but not my own

Last week I was in Keele working for KUSU Marketing during the graduation week for the latest batch of Keelites who are leaving the bubble. Among these lovely people is a dear friend and predecessor to Programme Controller, Amanda Kearney and Tim Palmer.

Working for graduation, and watching all the ceremonies, made me realise that I am at Keele for a serious purpose. It’s not just my own little world away from Wythall, where I have practically built up my entire life. One day it will end, and I will have to work to leave with something. The year I am going into now will be the final year of my undergraduate degree. Where did the time go?

Last week my beautiful girlfriend Eleanor came up to visit. I tried to give heran entertaining week including Sushi, Stratford, Sea-life centre (there seems to be an S theme going here) introduced her to Sophie in Solihull (continuing the S theme) and generally just hanging out. It was perfect and i didn’t want her to leave. But again, where did the time go? The week seemed to fly by, and hopefully next week I’ll get a little bit of time off to go down and see her (fingers crossed).

In other news, I am working non-stop desperately awaiting pay day, all going well I will be out of my financial woe by the end of July 🙂


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