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Time Travel really does exist…

A long time ago, friend and former employee of Mills Newsagents, Kristy Macdonald came up with the catch-phrase, Mills for life. Well this statement is strengthening with my return to Mills for the Summer.

Mills Newsagents has provided me with employment since I was 14, starting off as a paper boy, and then as a ‘Customer Service Colleague’. Mills was more than work, it was fun, more for the colleague company rather than anything else. Now I have returned something has changed…

The fundamentals of the shop are still the same, a lot of the people however are completely different, it is somehow not the place that I thought it once was. Yes there are a few people still around, but the management has changed, and the youth has completely changed.

In a way though it is having a profound effect of my head. I feel like I have returned to 2008, but things are missing. It depresses me that Kristy will never walk into the stock room and have a laugh with me, it depresses me that myself, Kristy & Holly won’t be singing Abba to each other and customers. It feels like I have gone back in time but history has changed. Something that needs to be corrected.

Although I have returned to noob status, hopefully this won’t be for long. On the positive side I am really grateful that they have taken me back to work there, where there are loads of other people who are in desperate need of jobs. As I stated in my last post change always happens and it is beyond our control. But maybe some of this change will be good, maybe I’ll meet some amazing new people…

3 responses to “Time Travel really does exist…

  1. Sherman

    I know how the feeling, I guess that is why I don’t like to come home often. With all of my old school friends all over the country now because of their own uni’s nothing is the same any more.

    Every time I come back as well there is something new somewhere!

    It’s nice to see the town grow but also sad to see what it no longer is.
    I think that is another reason I am looking forwards to staying in stoke this summer. It’s a chance to learn about somewhere new!

    • Paul Mitchell ⋅

      I think you summed it up perfectly when you said “also sad to see what it no longer is”

      But also agree with the new! I consider Keele my home now more than Wythall, and I seem to love Newcastle-under-Lyme lol!

  2. Paul Mitchell ⋅

    P.S Thanks for teaching me about the “Read the rest of this post” thing lol

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