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If I have learnt anything over the last 5 years is that times change, quickly in some cases, and the lesson I have to take from this is it is impossible to live in the past, live in a constant motion. Life changes too quickly. One sentence, just two words can change an entire life time, can change entire plans that you can have in your head.

Sometimes it is hard to deal with change, and sometimes it is amazing. Sometimes it is for the best, sometimes it is for the worst. I guess what I am trying to say is, you always have to constantly live in the moment, because it will just fly right by.

Many many things have changed in my life, especially in the last five years. On reflection, during the transition of any change, most of the time I initially hate it, change traditionally terrifies me at first instance, making me cling to the norm. But it is important to realise that change  in the long term usually works out for the best. Change brings you the most amazing things in life. Without a change of college, I wouldn’t of met Sophie Pearsall, become closer with Laura Karban, or realise that friendships can last strongly, such as mine with Chris Turvey. Without change, such as getting a job, I would never of met Kristy Macdonald, and without her, never of met Robin Woodward. Without the change of going to university, I would never of gone into KUBE, I would never of met Paul Rose, Victoria Phipps, Amanda Kearney, Georgie Hammerton, Neb, Vinesh, and countless others. Without change, I would of stayed that miserable person I used to be and without change I would never of met the beautiful Eleanor Hopkinson.

Change is usually a good thing, it terrifies me at first, but then I can see the positives, and the joy that change brings to people. As long as the fundamentals stay the same in life, such as close friends & those you can rely upon…then change can be a good thing.

Update into my life

Summer is well and truly under-way now that I have returned home from Fuerteventura to see my dad.  As many of you know, the visit was just as normal…

I am relishing in seeing all my friends again. Last night I saw Kristy & Rob, tonight I’m out for dinner with Sophie Pearsall, and on Sunday I’m going to see Chris play at the Custard Factory in Birmingham.

The beautiful Eleanor Hopkinson is coming to visit me next Saturday and I cannot wait to see her again, I don’t think I could of gone a whole Summer without seeing her!

On another plus I’ve managed to get my old job back at Mills Newsagents. It’s extremely weird that I have gone back to being a noob and a trainee. Wearing the “in training” badge while knowing what to do and needing higher approval to serve age restricted products of superiors is a little bit annoying, but it’s a job! And hoping to save up some money for the months ahead!

I really hope that everyone in my life is as happy as I am, and I hope that all my friends get the best things that they want in life 🙂

Because a change is coming…

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