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What a Difference a Year Makes

As we are nearing the end of 2009 and as I feel like I have been neglecting this blog for a fair while, I thought I’d write down what’s been happening since the end of the Best Summer of my life.

Arriving in Keele not having the faintest idea what the semester would have in stall I aimed to go to every single lecture, tutorial….safe to say that failed. Things started off well meeting lots of new people, mainly due to my Bar job which after a long decision I decided to quit so I could get my social life back; which made a hasty disappearance after Freshers due to having two jobs. A good example why I quit bars would be Halloween, where I thought I wasn’t working and went to a pre-Halloween party and had a bit too drink…you can guess the rest.


KUBE and the Retro Show are carrying on nicely with Vicky as my brand-spanking new co-host. After much deliberation the logo has been updated so hoping for good things for the future!

photo New KUBE logo

After my lovely car ‘collision’ (which is apparently the correct definition of ‘accident’) I was forced into doing a Driver Improvement Course at the cost of £185 to avoid up to 6 points off my license. My fears of me sitting in a room of 17 year old chavs were thankfully unfounded and the course wasn’t even that bad. Very pleased to say I passed and the police no longer wish to prosecute 🙂

Whilst up at Keele I’ve had a few visitors. In first place came Kristy & Rob, in second place came Laura, and in 3rd place was a repeat visit from Kristy & Rob. The second visit from the happy couple however was very different. Weeks prior Rob phoned me with his plans that he wanted to propose to the lovely Kristy on mine and Vicky’s show. After decorating the studio with lights, candles, getting champagne and praying to God that she would say Yes, she did 🙂


Bringing the end of this year to a close…The most amazing person has come into my life and single handedly ruined my Christmas. Her name is Eleanor Hopkinson and I love calling her my girlfriend. A kiss in the ballroom, a mammoth 22 hour 1st date, and I’ve never been so happy. We even accidentally got each other the same Christmas card. I can’t wait to visit her in Yeovil come January 4th. I can’t believe how lucky I am and how incredibly amazing she is. Her smile is infectious, and I didn’t know the capacity in which I could miss someone until I met her.


Hope Christmas was good for everyone and a Happy New Year to all!!!


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