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The Latest Update

Hello Blogosphere,

Well things have calmed down a bit event wise, but life is still good. Got something part part time decorating and doing odd jobs for my mum’s friends – it’s not luxury but it’s some money! Made LOADS of new acquaintances, the main one having to be Robin Woodward; Kristy’s boyfriend who I think I mentioned in the previous post. Well basically when Kristy, Holly and their friend Carly went away to Kavos a week I was given the job of “looking after” Rob for the week haha 😛 He now rotates the number 2 and 3 spot on my Facebook Stalker list which is strange… 😛

Out of what now must of been a moment of madness, I decided to get a fish tank…(yes i know it’s a spongebob tank, but it was the cheapest in the shop). Fish 1,2 & 3 have all died, (1&2 I blame myself on) but I think you’ll agree that it is a good tank, clean etc, why did number 3 die?!


Charlotte Calcutt finally reached the age of 19, two months before I hit the age of 20…bless her lol


Holly Beaumont Wilkes, my partner in crime had a leaving party to commemorate her departure (aren’t I using posh words lol) for America in a few weeks time, she’s not coming back 😀 (just joking 😛 ) for a long time on study abroad so good luck to her 🙂


Vinesh organised a KUBE outing down in London, to see the Radio 1 studios, randomly Westfield shopping centre, tour of the BBC TV studio and sit in on a show. It was clear that the woman presenter hated this show but the guy was funny.Tiring but good day 🙂

Photo0719 tnt-show-20090615121721_625x352

On a negative note, my car will fail its MOT if I don’t get something in my exhaust replaced…bugger.

And why am I up writing this so early? Well my family have no concept of time and lie ins with loud phones…

One response to “The Latest Update

  1. House phones and dogs always ruin a good lie in.. bastards!

    I miss out on all of the fun trips these days. Holly had better not pick up an american accent.. *shakes fist* lol

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