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Summer 2009 – The Best Ever


Hello People, I haven’t blogged in ages. Out of forgetting..? Probably.
But so far I am having the best summer of my life 🙂
A couple of weeks ago me and Holly Beaumont Wilkes went to the county of Kent to celebrate Georgie Hammerton’s 21st. He put on a posh doo bar the camping, I have now decided that me and the countryside do not get on. Canapés, Pub Lunch, Castle Walks, Country Cottage and Georgie’s Mum!


Fast forward a week and to celebrate Sophie’s JUNE birthday she decided to have a party in JULY. (I know, I was confused as well) I couldn’t attend the Birmingham shin-dig so I drove my behind down to Cheltenham. £1 Drinks I hear you say?! Probably not the last time I visit Cheltenham on a Monday Night…

5373_102600277299_818127299_1918660_615522_n  5373_102600302299_818127299_1918665_4392638_n

Tuesday Night after driving home very fast, and as I hadn’t seen them much for ages, Kristy, Holly, Amelia, and Kristy’s boyfriend came round for a drunken night (Pictures to follow when someone uploads them, *cough cough*

Wednesday Night was all about Bruno with Holly BW and co. The movie was awful, but brilliant at the same time. How he gets away with it I have no idea.

On the Thursday, after a slightly random invite, Holly BW, Hannah and myself drove down to Bristol to see the Banksy Exhibition!

Photo0625  Photo0629Photo0633 Photo0638 Photo0639 Photo0643Photo0636 Photo0655Photo0651 Photo0656 Photo0653 Photo0659 Photo0676 Photo0666 Photo0663 Photo0689

Thursday Night I went to see Harry Potter with the mother, after all the hype I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but I’ll like it more with time.

And finally today…Cadbury World Staff Shop with Kristy and a relaxing afternoon at my Grandad’s House 🙂

In conclusion, my summer is amazing. I have been so happy lately and it’s because of the simple things in life. I am going with the flow of things, seeing where life takes me. I love meeting new people. I love being with my amazing friends. Life is good 🙂

2 responses to “Summer 2009 – The Best Ever

  1. 1. Banksy is a genius!
    2. That was a very good party.
    3. My mum is awesome.
    4. You rock!

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