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Why 2009 is the best year so far

Terrorism, Economic collapse, nothing but bad news on the TV but I want to say how fucking great life is =D for me anyway…

After a bumpy start to Keele life has got better and better. I’m a much more confident person than I was, more laid back, have some pretty amazing friends and this is just the start.

Barack Obama is President, Accommodation for Year 2 is sorted, I am getting a car this month,  Friends visiting me in Keele, Kube, Manchester, Alton Towers (hopefully!), The Chav has moved out of home, An extremely long summer, Soph’s birthday in Cheltenham… so much more!

Not much seems to bother me anymore, I go with the flow of life its ups and downs. Yes there is disappointment sometimes but there is so much more amazing things to be happy about. So much has already happened this year that I can look back on with fond memories.

In 2008 I was a pretty miserable shit, worried about everything, too secluded, too comfortable in my own shell, too afraid to take on things. Living my life in the past without embracing my future.

2009 Standing up tall, new air of confidence and a big fat Yes to life. Living the best years of my life to the fullest I can. As a side note – I am in a very weird Christmas mood … lol

Pessimists shoot me down now lol!


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