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Exams are over rejoice!!

Welcome back to the blogosphere!! Exams are now over and I have had a pretty amazing week!

Saturday, myself, Georgie and Nick went to Yo Sushi in Manchester so I can tick it off my list of things to do before I die. Monday was the 24 hour broadcast which was pretty amazing to be fair and quite LONG. I made a disgusting giant Jaffa cake…which I feared would kill me before I completed my list, and Wednesday Sophie Elizabeth Benjamin Pearsall visited Keele for Wood Stoke 2 Summer party…Just a shame I can only remember 40% of it! Movie Night Thursday with Laura Bevington and back home this weekend for Mum’s Birthday and Chris is coming to visit next week (hopefully) before the longest summer of my life…so far =)

DSC_0085 by Georgie =). DSC_0034 by Georgie =). 


Photo0563 Photo0562

^^ We are extremely special…and maybe a tad drunk  

5 responses to “Exams are over rejoice!!

  1. why is my middle name benjamin?!?!
    and what is with the hideous photo :|!!! 😛

    was awesome fun tho 🙂
    goodtimessss xx

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