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Let me tell you what I’m talking about baby…

We are fast approaching the end of the university year, and how life has changed! My own transformation is quite extraordinary. I started life at university 27/09/08. The day was sunny but sad. I had loved college to the extent that I never wanted to leave. I was happy with my close knit of friends and in my relationships. I didn’t want to leave work because I loved everyone there. Though occasionally annoying I liked being at home and at the time didn’t adjust to change well. Through college I placed all my eggs in my basket and that would eventually be my downfall. Anyway the day came that I upped my bags and moved to university. Trying so desperately to hold on to my past I did not embrace my future. I didn’t go out as much as everyone else in my block, I may have seemed unapproachable – and if anyone in my old block reads this I am really sorry. I feel like I could of made good friendships with them if only I embraced my future and not trying to hold on to my past. By holding so much to my past I ended up squeezing it too much and pushing it away as life was changing at home for people as well. That’s one of life’s major lessons isn’t it? – That life and people change and no-one can stop it. Fast forward to Halloween. Walking back on the first frosty night of winter I wished for a few things, 1) The Confidence to do new things and say yes to new things, 2) To meet very special people, 3) To get my own place lol. Zip through to Christmas, I had been suffering with flu (not man flu genuine flu!!) so it was nice to be home. Anyway it was at this point that i met Jess through a strange amount of circumstances. Even though the relationship didn’t last long and we weren’t really right for each other it taught me a lot about relationships and in a way ‘manned’ me up in the relationship side of life. Being too much, and being too out there too early on is sometimes a bad thing – i don’t know, depends on the people I guess. Anyway I’m writing this in Barista just finishing a hot chocolate (I now prefer Barista to the library to revise) so lets review those three goals I made in October. 1) The Confidence to do new things and say yes to new things; Saying Yes to pretty much everything really does make a difference in life, and even asking to do things leads to a more active life. Saying Yes to things led me to nights out with people I’d never imagine going out with, doing things I thought I’d never have the confidence to do, like doing my own show on Kube, getting involved in 24 hour broadcast, and future plans on going to Manchester for sushi, going to Bristol to visit Laura, and hopefully many more! 2) The Confidence to meet new people; The People I have met (basically through saying Yes to things) are wonderful and hopefully in some sense will be friends for a long time – furthermore the friendships I thought had slightly faded away have got stronger and closer so that has been good. 3)To get my own place – well for the 1st year – 2nd year we live and dream!

The main lesson I have learnt this year is to basically go with the flow – there is no point in worrying about life and jump into things with an air of confidence and even if things fuck up – it will always get better =]

I will go into the 2nd year of Uni with this attitude and who knows – it might be better than this year! For I am a much happier person going out of the 1st year than I was going in…

Sorry for wasting five minutes of your life =)

2 responses to “Let me tell you what I’m talking about baby…

  1. hollybw

    What a postive blog! Congratulations Paul on ‘the new you’. May he continue to get even better!


  2. Tess Piper ⋅

    ‘The People I have met (basically through saying Yes to things) are wonderful and hopefully in some sense will be friends for a long time’.

    This applies to me, yes? I hope so 😦 I love you, Paullytoes! Yay for you being optimistic 🙂 x

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