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So here I am – a week stuck with my Dad – How did it go lol?!

Even though this won’t get posted till I’m home because the internet is bust. So how has  it been? Well better than the last time.. Mainly because we spent a lot of time with his friends who had some funny stories and were just generally fun to be around with. Another factor is the fact that up until the 22nd “she” wasn’t there. So I got to spend sometime with my Dad and he generally seemed happy. When she got back it’s amazing how fast the mood changed around the place – moan moan moan moan moan…


So most of the time it has been – to say – boring

  1. Too much essay stuff to write
  2. Dad working
  3. Volatile Internet
  4. No phone coverage…stupid Orange
  5. Miss friends

Even though it’s been nice to see Dad I just generally want to go home – I miss my friends more than anything else and I feel slightly trapped out here. With no phone coverage and limited facebook I feel like I’m in the middle of the 60s – in some weird experiment seeing how people cope without modern technology.

There is also too much time to think – I have thought about how I’ve changed, my past life, the people I miss, the things I want, the things I want from people = which all comes to the conclusion that thinking is a bad thing =P

Soo…have I changed much?

Untitled-3  1

I’d say this was about 2007^                  2009^


Oh well – at least I have telly and music – oh…and the Sun

P.S Talk of the devil, the empress has returned to her lair – moaning … lol

P.P.S On the plane home – I was watching this movie and I heard this quote – “I do not pretend to be knowledgeable of being in love – but I know of the knowledge of being unloved – and this is why I fight to save you from this terrible fate..”

2 responses to “Fuerteventura

  1. supersophs ⋅

    You have changed lots, in lots of ways, deffo for the better though 🙂
    Loving the new hair too (Y) Suits you.
    I’m glad you had a nice time with ur dad, specially before shedevil returned!
    I am amazed at how well you coped without technology!!! Well done :D!
    Missed you lots.
    Are you tanned?!

    • paulmitchell1989 ⋅

      I am slightly tanned lol!!!
      even though I’m at the weird stage where I think of myself as a weird shade of orange =]
      I feel like I have less of a baby face now lol!

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