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I had no idea a place like this was only 2 miles away from where I live. The place is called Akamba and I just thought for years driving past it, that it was just a weird garden centre. But going in it today I was amazed by it, the food there was incredible, they had life size models of Safari animals – and two parrots – what more can you ask for on a random Sunday afternoon?

Photo0531 Photo0523 Photo0510 Photo0527   Photo0515 Photo0534 Photo0526 Photo0524 Photo0506 Photo0530

Oh…and because I have an immature side to me…and we have reached the bottom of the post… 😉



One response to “Akamba

  1. Tildskie

    Akamba look amazing.
    I actually live about 10mins or so from there and I have never been.
    I presume I will have to go there now.

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