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The Midnight Haunted Roads Tour of Wythall

So, you know, you’re sitting in the house bored and you’re thinking I feel like going for a cruise round in the car – but you don’t want to drive round alone – because that would be a bit dull – so you phone up your slightly tipsy friend (the friend in my story is Kristy Lynne MacDonald) and she comes along for the ride. Hunger strikes so we go to the only place that is open on the Stratford Road – Big Johns. After the deliciousness, “cough cough,” we decided to tell each other tales of ghosts, and go down scary dark roads – a road so scary, that even Google Street View who have faced down angry residents in upper middle class villages, dare not go… Icknield Street.


With bendy roads, stomach jumping drops, never have I had to change gear in one road so much in all my life. In the early morning hours your mind wanders as to how many people have got lost down this road, how bodies could easily be hidden down there, people waiting for you on the side of the road…

The Giant Owl perched on a branch, seeming to wait for us, flew down the road leading the way. This was actually true but the mind seriously does wonder when you’re down a dark road alone.

On a separate road Kristy led me to a place where she used to camp years before. An abandoned hut in the middle of a dark field in the middle of no-where. Friday the 13th anyone?

My Caption for this blog states my life is a roller-coaster of a ride – judging by tonight – I believe its right…

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