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A very good week!

It’s nice to catch up with people, Sophie, Laura, Lianne, Kristy, Chris, Holly. Saw some people I haven’t seen in years, ate far too much than what was necessary. It has mainly been though a Kristy filled week lol – the midnight trip to 24 hour Tesco, reflex with Kristy and Amor on Friday night and Kristy’s house party on Saturday. Too bad Kristy didn’t see an awful lot of it after passing out around midnight in bed… drunkard =]

Saw Sophie lots during the week from our late night drive and the two trips into Birmingham. Panda crotch grabbing ahoy! Shame couldn’t see her more due to our differing term dates but we’ll see each other again soon.

Next week I’m off to visit Dad in sunny Fuerteventura – may be a tad boring so I may or may not write in this a lot.

The biggest news of the last week – that mop I used to call my hair is now gone and has been replaced with something near what you could call a style. Much apologies go to Tess at this point because she wanted me to keep the hair calling it a “national institution” – or something along those lines.

Hopefully do some work today…I wonder if Mills is open today – get some cut price Easter eggs – yummy.

Anyway write again soon…

Oh yeah – people I may know in Facebook – Strawberry bon-bons – interesting lol


CIMG1792 CIMG1793CIMG1794

Guess those breasts!!! – I might have been a bit tipsy and a bit too confident taking these pictures lol ^^^


And this is the new hair… Still not too sure lol ^^^

3 responses to “A very good week!

  1. Tess Piper ⋅

    You defaced the national institution! :O *disowns*
    I expect a postcard from Fuerteventura! xx

  2. I’m always a fan of a blog containing breasts – Paul you big naughty! lol

    Hair is much better; get some side burns in there and we’re done haha =)

  3. Lynsey ⋅

    I like the new hair. Your mum told us youd hat it cut when we saw her on saturday. havent spoke to you in soon ly xx

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