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Meeting up with Laura

If I listen to Cliff Richard’s – Congratulations – my feelings are mixed! Either sheer horror due to the awfulness of the song, or laughter because it wouldn’t shut up!

Me and Laura met up yesterday – the first time I seen her since Christmas. For some reason the urge for a Chinese came up so we decided to go to the all you can eat Big Wok.

I had, Chinese picky food, Chicken and sweet-corn soup, 2 main meals, and a chocolate cake with ice cream 🙂 oh and prawn crackers! Laura had the same amount of meals as me – let’s just say that it was impossible to walk long distances afterwards and a lot of breathing and moaning was involved 😉

Anyway just for Laura because I love her so…


2 responses to “Meeting up with Laura

  1. Mmmm.. Chinese food! *rubs tummy* 🙂

  2. Holly BW ⋅

    Gah. Now you have restarted my urge for chinese food!!! Oriental Pearl @ Merry Hill and that chinese in the bullring near the church be good chinese establishments. Don’t venture near kiddy for chinese though: one restaurant was shutdown for selling dog :S

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