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4 responses to “The Deepest Insight into my life

  1. I know its easy to get distracted by one person caring for you, and when you have such strong feelings for someone else the love around you is so easy to ignore but we’re all here. We all love you and that’s not going to change! 🙂

    Watch some more lectures about love and you’ll reason your way through it; did you know for example that your body releases chemicals when you have sex with someone that basically makes your body addicted to them, the effects can last up to two years but it’s your body tricking you basically. You’re not going to fall for that are you? lol

    Stay cool mate 🙂

  2. Thanks for the words, and major interest about the whole sex thing lol! Had no idea about it
    I’ll stay cool – because otherwise I would be warm and not smell nice!
    And I love you Georgie!
    Keele ain’t going to be the same without you – what will KUBE do for its entertainment
    I’m going to have to drag you back every once in a while and introduce you to the new freshers because from september onwards I will no longer have that title 😀

  3. Holly BW ⋅

    oh Paul. Stay strong.


    and lots of hugs too 😀

  4. paulmitchell1989 ⋅

    Thank you for all the love =]

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