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The Last Show before Easter

A little update into my life

Today was the last KUBE show before Easter so I invited Tim, Tess, Holly and Georgie on to my show – Holly won the Easter egg and it was a good two hours – a little dirty considering my Mum was listening but she enjoyed it!

On Saturday my Easter holiday officially starts although I have two essays to write over it and will probably have to come back to Keele at one point to collect Library books or look through journals etc. But I’m looking forward to going home

Wednesday I went for a 5 hour (I repeat…5 hour!!!!) walk with Tess and we got lost a number of times, nearly killed a toad and got terrified of the moving curtains in the abandoned observatory! We plan to take Tim there because he said he wouldn’t be scared.

In 15 days I’ll go visit Dad, should be an ok week and I’m sure I will live… all going well. Really looking forward to Easter though seeing old friends, plans to visit Sophie lots, meet up with Laura, Charlotte, Mike, Zoe and of course Kristy – busy me lol

Anyway – this post isn’t really interesting to anyone but me, but I like to keep a record of my life – just because my memory is so dreadful!


CIMG1775 DSCN1891



I didn’t break the microphone…



Oh yeah I made a new show poster… not too sure about it though…



One response to “The Last Show before Easter

  1. I like the show poster; it makes you look twice and then you want to know what it’s about. I’m giving it the marketing *thumbs up* 🙂

    Thanks for having me on the show too; sorry I might have dirtied things up for your mum.. lol

    As for the abandoned observatory I WANNA COME! That sounds awesome!

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