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A National Travesty

Recent news has just come to my attention, one that will shock me and would leave me with no perspective of my life.

I am of course talking about the Jeremy Kyle show in which the Daily Star (Don’t judge me I read this somewhere else) reports that cash-strapped ITV will be axing Jeremy Kyle


Where else can I watch a show about people and feel better about myself afterwards?

Where else can I look into the complexity of the populations lives which topics such as

  • My Husband forced me to sleep with his Dad
  • You had an affair with my Dad
  • Prove your Son is my Brother
  • You Got Three Women Pregnant But Today Confess You’re Gay
  • I Paid a Prostitute Because I Believe you Cheated With an Ex

Sad Times


Jeremy Kyle (Image © PA)

And Now I Learn that Trisha is Cancelled

What is a student to do??

2 responses to “A National Travesty

  1. OMG! This is terrible news! I hope channel 5 picks it up; it’s not as though Jeremy is going to get work being a couples’ councillor is it? lol

  2. squink ⋅

    What??? nooooooo!! Surely not??

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