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Welcome to the Life and Times

Who knows if this will get read?

Because I don’t know if it will work

I have decided that as things aren’t going exactly to plan in my head…that I won’t plan anything and will go with the flow

But saying that

All I want is simple things in life which I will tick off the list when I get them…



A nice girl

Concentration to do work
(Even though I doubt this will ever get ticked off the list!)

My Life at the moment

Keele University
Politics and International Relations
Wanting To Live Life and be Happy
Yes Man

Let’s have an air of positivity yes???

So this blog….

It will probably be a diary, tracking my life progress – emphasis on the word “Progress”

Who knows if it will ever get read by other people? Maybe some future generations of my family making a family tree – who knows.

But if you have stumbled across my blog – maybe out of curiosity or something to waste 5 minutes of your life…

Welcome to the Life and Times of PBM…
It’s going to be a bumpy ride

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