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So yesterday I spoke to some people and I saw a picture which threw me off edge. It made me feel terrible, worthless etc etc. But after a day of reflection I have realised some things – 1st of all I am really happy to be back in Keele – even if it is just for a week because I love the company that is here. Second of all after a video that was shown to me by Georgie I realise that happiness isn’t something that you can find or look for, it comes to those that aren’t looking for it – also happiness doesn’t come along with needs or wants – its other things.

Also I found one of my favourite old songs that all the time seems fitting for when you’re feeling down


One response to “Reflecting

  1. Sophs ⋅

    woooooo love this song :}
    look at me
    checkin out your blog and ting
    and talking all badass… and ting


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